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2017 Eastern High School Team Updates


YANKEE SWAP: Don't forget to bring a wrapped/bagged gift for the Yankee Swap on Friday night after dinner

SKIS YOU WILL NEED:  Bring racing and practice skis for both skate and classical events.  Your racing skis will go in the team ski rack immediately upon your arrival at the venue on Saturday and you will maintain control of your practice skis.  Waxless classic skis can be a great option for warming up.

TEAM NH BIB ASSIGNMENTS: Having this in your pocket makes it much easier to support the team and learn their names.

NOTE REGARDING RECENT SNOWFALL FROM MOUNTAINTOP:  HOLY SNOWSTORM BATMAN!   We are at 30 inches and counting.  All race courses have been packed several times and things are shaping up nicely. 


WAX RECOMMENDATION FROM THE WAX TEAM:     First, both classic and skate skis must be thoroughly cleaned (bases, sidewalls, tops) and CLEARLY labeled with name.     Hard wax and klister zones must be clearly marked on ski sidewalls with the hard wax zone cleaned and sanded.     Glide wax prep for both classic and skate skis:     Graphite or moly first coat, then CH7, LF7, HF7 or equivalent glide wax.  Scrape and brush well!     We will structure and top coat at the race venue as needed.

WEEKEND SCHEDULE: Print and bring this schedule with you so you are on top of the schedule for the weekend.

RUNNING ORDERS for the freestyle race on Friday re available at Bart Timing.  I will be creating a one page bib sheet for our boys and girls soon.  Check back for that later.

NEWLY ORDERED TEAM JACKETS WILL NOT BE HERE IN TIME for this weekend.  VERY unfortunate but nothing we can do about it at this point. If you can borrow a team jacket from a buddy who's been to either Eastern's or U16, that would be great!  Ask around.   

MAR 09:

EHSC RACE SCHEDULEFriday: 5KM Skate/Saturday: 7.5KM Classic, 1KM Skate Sprint/Sunday: 4x2.5KM Mixed Relay 


LATEST TEAM LISTPosted under "Team Roster" link on main page

TRAVEL SCHEDULEClick here for the itinerary for the entire weekend

CALL FOR GENERATORS - Please contact Teresa Kretchmer ( if you have a generator that you could bring to provide heat for food tent items


LATEST TEAM LIST - Posted under "Team Roster" link on main page

FOOD SIGN UPCheck the Online Food Sign-Up to see what is still needed for the weekend that your family could provide

NO TEAM PRACTICE THIS YEAR - Given the compressed end of the season racing schedule for many skiers (JN's, NHIAA State Championships, NHIAA Meet of Champions), we will not have a team practice this year.  Team members are highly encouraged to ski in least one of the races offered at Bretton Woods on March 11 (Classical) and March 12 (Freestyle).  Members of the Eastern's coaching staff will be participating in both events!