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Easterns News

March 2, 2014

NHNCA webmaster

We have less than 2 weeks to EHSC and I wanted to send out some reminders.

We are traveling by Coach Bus. 

The schedule is listed in the Updates Column.  If you will not be traveling with us on the coach, please let me know well in advance so we are not waiting for you!


Please use the Google Doc on the website to sign up for Food items for lunch.  There are still a variety of options available.

If you have an extra Pop-Up Tent, we could use one more!

It would be great if folks could bring a camp chair so the kids have someplace to get off their feet between races, besides the coach bus.


We will send out a waxing expectations note on Wednesday the 12th.  In the mean time be sure that your skis, poles, boots are well marked.  Skis should have hard wax and klister markings on both sides of the ski!


There will be lunch and snacks available throughout the weekend, but if you have your special “pre-race” favorites you should bring that with you!

Lunch Friday 

The lunch crew will likely be set up Friday afternoon, but with 1st races going off at 3pm, I would plan on packing a light lunch to bring with you!

A Note about Red Hair dye….

While we have had few athlete behavior issues over the years, last year what started as some lighthearted fun almost cost the association over $2,000.  So I will remind, and forewarn, everyone that they will be responsible for any damage done to their rooms.

So no red dye please!