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Easterns News

March 12, 2014

NHNCA webmaster

Wax Expectations

1.  Be sure that your classic skis are exceptionally clean and clearly marked with your name just above the binding.  Clean means no remnants of klister or hard wax on the sidewalls.  All skis should have kick zones clearly marked on both sides of the ski.

2. Wax Prep

Base wax:  CH 6 or Toko Blue or a Moly

Cover with:  LF 8 or Toko LF Red ( or equivalent)

* Final topcoats will be applied at the venue.

3.  Waxing for Saturday’s Classic may put us in the “Zero” or Skintec zone.  Bring them if you have them.  Be sure they are wax prepped!  As these may be back-ups it would be helpful if you could complete the wax with a warm HF wax.

A Note to Parents Bringing Food

If you are bringing a soup or chili please bring it in a pot that it can be warmed up in!

Team Hats and Headbands

In an attempt to meet individual preference I ordered both Team Hats and Headbands.  You will have a choice of one or the other.  

There will be a surplus of both. Available for $10.

General Reminders

  1. Be on time for the bus departures at each location.  We are on a schedule and the bus will leave without you!
  2. Thus far I only know of one person not taking the bus up to MT. TOP .  If you are not going on the bus I need to know that asap!
  3. Food will be available on Friday, but as you will be racing at 3pm.  You should pack your own “pre-race” foods for Friday.
  4. See you all on Friday!