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Eligibility & Registration Information

(Registration forms at bottom of page)

What is A U16 OR EHS?

U16 - Birth year 2003 or 2004 (for the 2018/19 season). This classification refers to our skiers roughly 14 and 15 years of age.

EHS are all high school skiers regardless of their age.

How to qualify:

You must race at least one NH Series race. There is a waiver policy if you miss a race, but team selection leans heavily on those who’ve raced both races.

Competition and Team Selection Process

Who makes the team?

The top 24 boys and 24 girls for EHS 

The top 24 boys and 24 girls for U16

The cumulative best results from the 2 NH Series Races are selected to represent NH. 

Alternates will also be selected as necessary.

When will the teams be selected?

Both teams will be selected and all fees collected immediately following the second NH Series race.

What is a NENSA #? 

(your New England Nordic Ski Association membership number)

Do I need to be a member of NENSA?

Yes, all team members and coaches must be NENSA members (Junior member $35)

What if I miss a race due to illness or injury?

You can file a waiver with the Team Leader. This must be done prior to the second NH Series race. Click here for team selection rules.

What does the competition cost?

$350 for U16

$350 for EHS

$50 deposit (returned at end of race weekend) Checks should be payable to: NHNCA.

What does this include?

This fee covers the cost of lodging, meals, transportation, race entry fees, use of Team NH uniform, team hat, t-shirt, coaching and wax. 

What does this NOT include?

U16 - Team Jacket  ($100) see below

EHS - Team Jacket  ($100) see below

What is the refund policy?

$325 is refundable up to one week prior to the race weekend. Within 3 days of the event $150 will be refunded provided another skier can take the place of the absent skier. If no skier can fill that slot, there is no refund. Race weekend starts Friday morning (12:00AM).  This also forfeits the jacket (jacket $ will be refunded) This refund policy is the same for any reason, sickness, injury, etc.

What if I want a Team NH Jacket?

Jackets can be ordered at the second NH Series Race for $100 (check made out to NHNCA or include with the registration check)

Where will we be staying?

Check the teams pages U16 or Easter High School (above) for detailed info

Note:  All team members must stay with the team!

How do I get there?

We will travel by Coach bus. 

Can I choose roommates?

U16- No, roommates are selected for you.

EHS - Your selections will be considered.

What do I need to bring/Do for REGISTRATION immediately following Race #2 (White Mountain Regional High School)

U16    (All U16 info will be under UPDATES on the U16 page)

Bring both checks (below) and Submit the online registration

[]  A check for $350 (or $450 if ordering a jacket)  Made out to 'NHNCA'

[]  A check for $50 (deposit)  Made out to 'NHNCA'

[]  Submited online Registration Form:



Mailed to Kevin Lee -  c/o Keararge Regional High School - PO Box 182, North Road, North Sutton, NH, 03260

[]  check for $350 (or $450 if ordering a jacket) Made out to 'NHNCA'

[]  A check for $50 (deposit)  Made out to 'NHNCA'

[]  NENSA membership ($35, Junior) nensa.join

[] Submited online  Registration Form