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Favorite Summer Workouts--Coach Bates

Brad Bates

We are starting a series on the NHNCA website where we ask a NH coach about their favorite workouts. Our second entry comes from Coach Brad Bates at Dublin School.

Name of workout: Continuous Intervals

Purpose of Workout: Aerobic Capacity, technique, and power

 Find  good action of uphill that takes at least 30" to bound.

Find  good action of uphill that takes at least 30" to bound.

Descirption: Holderness Coaches Pat and Christina Casey and Peter Hendel led us in this great workout at the Team NH Camp. You want to find a short pair of classic poles--a few inches shorter than your typical classic poles. Find a good loop (1 km to 2 km) that has some varied terrain and at least one good sized hill. The goal is to bound up the hills and just over the top. Use the flats and downhills for recovery. You can either ski walk or jog the recovery sections. 

Watch the following video to get a sense of bounding technique. It is important that you not use regular running technique on the hills. Make sure to tuck your hips under you and forward, push off your whole foot and not just the balls of your feet, and drive your hand forward like your trying to splash someone ahead of you with a cup of water in your hand.

For the workout: Warm up and stretch for at least 20 minutes--try walking or jogging the course to get a sense of it. Then, do a continuous 40 minute workout using the hill bounding and recovery sections explained above. If you have not done a workout like this before you may want to shorten it for your first go round. Make sure to finish with a warm down and stretch. If you can find a place to swim afterwards, go for it!

Nothing like ending a good workout with a summer swim in a NH lake or river.