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Favorite Fall Workouts--Coach Maddock

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Favorite Fall Workouts--Coach Maddock

Brad Bates

Coach Kathy Maddock, who coaches the Souhegan team along with the Cambridge Sports Union and the new Dublin XC Club skiers, sent in this great strength workout for a good fall roller ski workout.

First, find a good, fairly steep hill where you can ski at speed for over a minute. Look for a safe hill with few cars and a good way to get back down safely. Warm up for 20 minutes and stretch.

The workout involves four uphill strength activities done 5 times for one minute each. Recovery time is the time it takes to get back down the hill to start again. The emphasis is on strength, not speed! The fastest skier up the hill most likely is not focusing on explosive strength.

On classic skis the progression is: single stick (not using your legs), no pole (only using your legs), double pole, kick double pole.

On skate skis the progression is: V2 without poles, double pole, V1 without poles (alternating sides), no poles. 

As an example, if doing this workout on classic skis, do the five x 1 minute repeats of the single stick effort before moving onto the five repeats of the no pole effort. This workout can be shortened and lengthened by changing the number of repeats. Good luck!