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NH Series Registration

Registering your team for the NH Series Races:

Coaches Series Registration will be entered using the Google Docs Spreadsheet format. Head Coaches are responsible for making the entries for their respective teams by the end of the day January 16th, 2017. Coaches may only register skiers who have completed the liability waiver form. Coaches who have not already received and "Invitation to Edit" their school's tab on the spreadsheet should contact NH Series Race Coordinator Steve Piotrow  at the email address below to be given access permission. In order to make entries, coaches will need a Google Docs account. Payment is due to Jim Graham and payment should be postmarked by the deadline. Coaches may make changes to their race entries up until Jan. 16th 2017, at which point all entries will be finalized and sent to Head of Timing. Please complete your entries carefully! In addition, all skiers must have a Liability Waiver/Release Form on file in order to race.  

  • Step 1. If you have not already received the link, E-mail Steve Piotrow for access permission to the Google Docs Registration Spreadsheet:


  • Step 2. Make your entries to the spreadsheet (be sure to include Coaches Info, Volunteer Info, and complete all required fields for each Skier). Entries should be finalized by the end of the day Saturday, January 16th, 2017.


  • Step 3. Mail checks to: Jim Graham (BEFORE THE 1ST RACE)

                                                  NHNCA Treasurer

                                                  1 Terrace Rd.

                                                  Concord, NH 03301  

Race Fees:

The fee per skier is $14 which includes both NH Series races.

If postmarked after due date, add a late fee of $50 per school.  

All checks should be made payable to the NHNCA and postmarked by the deadline dates (above) to Andy Havey at the above address.

All skiers must complete a waiver and release of liability form in order to compete. NO WAIVER, NO RACE!

If skiers are unable to compete in one of the races and there is a strong chance that they could still qualify for TeamNH, a NH Series Race Waiver must be completed.

NH Series Race Format, Scoring & Rules

1.  Racing Categories:  The NH Series race has three distinct divisions: 

'A'  Race:

The most competitive race of the day!  Teams may enter a maximum of 10 skiers in this event.  A team must have at least 4 skiers in this race to qualify for team scoring.   

* Note:  Only skiers in the A-race may qualify for the NH Eastern High School Team

Robin Ellison Memorial Race (formerly known as the "B" Race):  

This race is for developmental skiers, coaches may enter as many skiers as they wish in this event.  

Please think carefully about which race is most appropriate for your skiers; do not place them in the

A-Race if they are not ready.  

Middle School Race at NH Series:  

This event is for Middle School skiers only.  You may enter as many skiers in this event as you like, however no 5th graders will be allowed to race! 

No Middle School skiers may ski in either the A or B race.  This is a NHIAA rule!

Middle School skiers may qualify for the NH U16 Team. 2001/2002

2.  Scoring and Awards:

A.  Team scores will only be done in the A race by the place point system with the lowest score

     winning.  The top 4 skiers score, there is no displacement.

B.  Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers with ribbons awarded for 4th

     through 10th place in each event.     

C.  The Lara Sibley Award will be given to the team, boys and girls, with the best overall score

     from the first two races.

All awards will begin at the conclusion of the B-race at the end of Series Race #2.

3.  Race Day Rules:

A.  Bib pick-up will begin at 9am at both events.  Bibs must be pinned on the front chest to ensure

     visibility to race officials.

B.  There shall be no skiing backwards on the courses during events!

C.  There are no indoor waxing facilities at the race sites and no skis in buildings!

D.  There will be no refunds for teams or skiers who fail to show up for the event.

E. Any skier whose behavior places another skier at risk may be disqualified from the event and

   barred from the NH U16 and/or Eastern High School teams at the discretion of the Jury.  

   The incident will also be reported to the NHIAA.

F.   Races will be run in accordance with NHIAA rules of skiing. Awards - 3:30 in the designated location.