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U16 updates

click here for    PARENT FOOD SIGN-UP SHEET 

Updates will go here as needed.  Check back here often!  Topics will be in CAPS and BOLD for easier identification.                                      If you are not seeing new information, try refreshing your screen or clearing the cache.

March 22   WRAP-UP -  Any deposit checks as well as Alternate skier CHECKS have been shredded.  A summary of the weekend... Jackets didn't get here in time!  Bus goes to Lebanon rather than Concord for it's first stop.  Detour due to domestic standoff along our route.  Greasy mud the first day trashes the bus and some luggage.  No power Saturday due to an oil truck taking out a utility pole.  Hot soup freezes before you can eat it.  River of spilled chocolate milk froze before it reached the end of the table.  Now for some good news! Cal Schrupp wins the skate, close in classic!  Girls are top team overall!  NH wins 2nd overall, keeping close to defending the Cup! Coaches, team members come through with borrowed jackets!  Dedicated WAX and FOOD techs in severe winter conditions!  Grill cheese is the best at any temperature!  Fun, Fast, Flowing race course!  NH served first at the Banquet! No tents blew away!  Minimal frostbite in 4 degree temps and 20mph winds!  The BEST (kind and considerate skiers)  Team New Hampshire!  Thank you all!   


MARCH 9     BUS SCHEDULE has changed slightly, new departure times:                                                                                           Please note that these are DEPARTURE times, Arrive early!                                                                                                                           Departs Concord (Fort Eddy Plaza) 7:45       Departs Holderness (ice rink) 8:40 Departs Gorham  (Rail Road Street) 10:10

RUNNING ORDERS are available at Bart Timing,  I've created a one page sheet for each GIRLS and BOYS

MARCH 8         Due to the cold temperatures expected this weekend - make sure you BRING WARM LAYERS, HAT AND JACKET.  Due to a mix-up in the production schedule, the TEAM JACKETS WILL NOT BE HERE IN TIME for this weekend.  VERY unfortunate but nothing we can do about it at this point. They may be here in time for Eastern's.  More about this later.  (If you can borrow a team jacket from a buddy who's been to either Eastern's or U16, that would be nice)  

WAX RECOMMENDATION FROM THE WAX TEAM:     First, both classic and skate skis plus poles must be clean and CLEARLY labeled with name.     Hard wax and klister zones must be clearly marked on ski sidewalls, grip zone cleaned and sanded.     Glide wax prep for both classic and skate skis:     Graphite or moly first coat, then CH6, LF6, HF6 or equivalent glide wax.  Scrape and brush well!     We will structure and top coat at the race venue as needed.

MARCH 7        Print and bring this  WEEKEND SCHEDULE   

MARCH 2       TEAM PRACTICE is canceled due to Saturday's forecast of sub zero temps mixed with high winds.  Practice is all about getting together prior to the weekend along with discussing what we expect from you and to answer your questions.   Please feel free to ask questions  Click here for Saturday's notes and information.

FEB 12         POSTED are the top 40 Girls and 40 Boys.