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U16 updates

March 10

Congratulations to the 2019 U16 Championship Nordic Ski Team and thank you for representing New Hampshire like the champions you all are! Also a very special thank you to all of the parents…we couldn’t have done it without you!

U16 weekend pictures and video are up HERE!

Feb 6


Feb 5

u16 Ski Prep Update from Wax Coach Nat Lucy

-Not your normal SKI PREP this year. -Do NOT apply any wax to the bottom of your skis. -Skate skis: wipe and brush out any residual wax . -Classic: same as skate. wax pocket solvent clean and lightly sanded. Wax pocket well marked both sides and top of ski. -We need your skis to be CLEAN. All four sides. Squeaky CLEAN. As in: use some solvent to get the tops and sides spotless. -No need to bring practice skis. -Be sure to have running shoes and a day pack that will hold skate boots and spare clothes . Likely to be beautiful hard wax conditions. There is a ton of snow in Bethel !!


February 28th

Don’t forget to contribute to our team food table and/or VOLUNTEER to be a part of our ‘Planning Committee’ by clicking on  “FOOD SIGN-UP SHEET”  at the top of this page!!!

February 25th

BUS SCHEDULE now posted

February 24th

Current TEAM STANDINGS are now posted. We are waiting on a couple of kids to get back to us so the list may change slightly.

A big THANK YOU to those who have signed up to contribute either a dish, goodie or your time to assist with TEAM NH’s FUEL TABLE!

Several of you are still missing NENSA MEMBERSHIPS. No one can race without one ( $35)

 Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!!! 

February 20

We’re still looking for a 2019 NH team parent volunteer as this year’s FOOD COORDINATOR!  If you’d like to take the reins, please email Jenn

The food coordinator’s role is to communicate with parents what food items have been signed up for, which still need to be and assigning shifts throughout the weekend.

If you’d like to CONTRIBUTE FOOD ITEMS /equipment/tables, please sign up on the FOOD SIGN-UP SHEET

Standings have been updated

February 4th

The window for WAIVER submissions is now closed. Thank you to everyone for getting waivers in by February 1st! U16 standings are current - check them out HERE.

February 1st

Team Waivers - The deadline for 2019 U16 waivers is this Friday, February 1st.

Waiver Process Guidelines

Waiver Process Overview: An athlete who is unable to attend a NH Series race due to severe illness, family emergency or other extenuating circumstances may apply for a waiver of that race by completing the 2 steps listed below and communicating the results to the team leader of TEAMNH. Circumstances, which are within the athlete’s control, will generally not be considered. These include, but are not limited to, participation in other races, events, or activities. However, participation on NENSA sponsored teams or in NENSA sponsored events will be considered.

Step 1: Write a brief explanation of why the athlete was unable to attend the event.

Step 2: The athlete will provide race results from a comparable time period that clearly indicate(s) where the athlete might have finished in the Series race that was missed. For example, if the Classic race were missed then race results from a classic race of similar length within the last month with competitors who also attended the Classic Series Race could be offered as evidence for inclusion on the team. For a waiver to be granted, the athlete must provide convincing evidence that they would have finished among the top 10 J2 athletes/top15 EHSC athletes at the Series race that was missed.

Timetable: For the first NH Series race, these steps must be completed within one week of missing the race. For the second NH Series race, these steps must be completed prior to the start of racing for the second race

Granting Process: The team leader and two designated representatives from the NHNCA will make a final decision related to all waiver submissions prior to the announcing of the team at the awards ceremony for the second NH Series race.

Bethel Village Trails Info

Bethel Village Trails (BVT), a non-profit Nordic center located at The Bethel Inn Resort, will be our home base.
Trails are located next to the Millbrook Tavern on the back side of the Inn. The address is 21 Broad St, Bethel,
Athletes and coaches will have exclusive use of the Inn’s Event Center, located just behind the Historical
Society on Broad St. and across from the Inn. The Event Center has space for waxing, bag storage, bathrooms,
and general “hang out” time. It will be open before noon on Friday and teams will have full use of the space until
Sunday afternoon.

Races on Friday and Saturday morning will take place at Gould’s trail system, Pine Hill . This is located ¼ mile up
Grover Hill Road off Rt. 5 in Bethel. There are two connector trails between the BVT and Pine Hill systems (see
map), so we encourage people to ski from BVT to Pine Hill for races. Saturday afternoon and Sunday races will
be at BVT, and will provide excellent spectator viewing from the Inn. Note that the attached maps include
back-up courses; in the event of low snow at BVT all races will take place at Pine Hill.


Parking for teams/coaches: there will be reserved spaces in the two lots off Grover Hill for the Pine Hill races, as
well as reserved parking in the Bethel Inn lots for the BVT races.

Parking for spectators: available in any of the Bethel Inn lots, along Broad St, Main St, and the lot behind the
Event Center/Northeast Bank. Church St parking is available except on Sunday. For Pine Hill races, there is
limited parking in the two lots on Grover Hill. There is NO parking on Grover Hill or Mill Hill; we highly
recommend parking in town and skiing to Pine Hill or carpooling. See attached map for directions.


Teams will have full use of waxing areas in the Event Center during the 3 days. There are multiple outlets;
please use the areas where plastic is covering the carpet.


Portable toilets will be available at Pine Hill for the first two races. There will be both portable toilets at BVT as
well as bathrooms at the Trails Center and the Fitness Center at the Inn. There are bathrooms available at the
Event Center as well.