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Waiver to Compete Form

NH Nordic Coaches Association J2 / EHSC Championship Waiver Policy

An athlete who is unable to attend a NH Series race due to severe illness or family emergency may apply for a waiver of that race. Circumstances, which are within the athlete’s control, will generally not be considered: going to other races, events, or activities. However, participation on NENSA sponsored teams or events will be considered.

Step 1: Write a brief explanation of why the athlete was unable to attend the event.

Step 2: The athlete will provide race results* from a comparable time period that clearly indicates where the athlete might have finished in the Series race that was missed. For example, if the Classic race were missed then race results from a classic race of similar length within the last month with competitors who also attended the Classic Series Race would be offered as evidence for inclusion on the team.

• The athlete must “reasonably” prove that they would have finished among the top 10 J2 athletes/top15 EHSC athletes. Placement beyond this point would be unfair to athletes who raced on the day of the event and may have experienced difficulties with wax, equipment or a slightly poor performance.

Timetable for Waiver:

a. The above information must be provided within one week of missing the first Series race, and at the morning registration for the second race. Team Leaders must be provided this information for team selection.

* Every effort should be made to provide the comparative race results at that time.

The team leader and two designated representatives from the NHNCA will make a determination as to whether or not the athletes request is valid and whether or not the race results provided reasonably prove that the athlete would have finished in among the top 10 J2 skiers/top 15 EHSC skiers. 

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Write a brief explanation of why you were unable to attend the event.
Please provide a list of comparable results to show that you are among the top junior skiers in NH.