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What to Bring

What to Bring to the Championships Weekend (U16 or Easterns)

U16 adds a BACK-PACK large enough to hold your ski boots etc for run/walk between the two venues on Saturday

  • Skis - Boots - Poles (classic/skate in a ski bag, all marked with name)

  • Warm Clothes (before and after race)

  • Non cotton under layers (don’t forget many socks!)

  • Water bottle (in a hip belt) / Snacks (fuel the furnace)

  • Warm shoes/boots (between races)

  • Running Shoes (in case we have a running warm-up)

  • Neat/casual attire for the banquet

  • A team attitude. Being your best makes Team NH the best. GO TEAM NH!

  • 2 Bags (see below)

  • Wrapped Yankee Swap Item (for Friday evening)

  • Friday bus snacks


You will need 3 pair of skis: Race SKATE, Race CLASSIC, and Practice (waxless) CLASSIC for skiing on while your race classic skis are being waxed - NOT FOR U16’S) Put your name on everything!

Ski Prep (U16 follow updates page ski prep)

All skis should be clean and glide waxed to LF level. (Check website for wax recommendation Wednesday of race week by 7:PM) Kick zones need to be lightly sanded and clearly marked on both sides.

Warm clothes

Because you’re not always skiing! Wicking type under-layers. Chemical hand warmers if it's bitter cold. 


While your main meals are included, that’s not enough for you the racer. Bring snacks for between meals and pre/post race fueling.       Stay hydrated and fed!

Warm shoes

Keep your feet warm and dry all weekend and they’ll love you. Running shoes for warm-up?


Overnight bag that stays at the inn. Day bag to go to venue/lunch area, this bag will contain all you need for the day, i.e. extra layers, snacks, socks, etc. Hip-belt water bottle that goes with you to the start of the race for warm-up/cool-down. Put your name on everything!

Yankee Swap

A fun way to learn who your teammates are!
BRING (do not wait until you are at U16's!) a wrapped item from home, from your room, wax room etc. It can be serious or funny...but not expensive, let your imagination run wild! Think outside the candy filled water bottle, there are too many, boorring!

Code of conduct

It is an honor to have made the team and represent New Hampshire. Understand that this means you will at all times respect the event, the competition, facilities, other skiers and coaches, and that you will need to adhere to the schedule at all times. Failure to abide by the above guidelines may result in an athletes’ removal from a race, and/or the team. The decision will be made by the team leader and is final. However any athlete found to be in possession of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs would be immediately removed from the team and sent home.


Every place/every second counts! Passing one skier counts 2 places (that team places one less and your team places one more) Ski hard through the finish line!!

Be race ready

Leading up to the Championship weekend:  Fuel the furnace (eat well), get plenty of sleep, hydrate, and be positive!
If you become sick and can’t race, let us know as soon as possible so we can contact an alternate.